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Chickasaw County Cemeteries

Please submit your cemetery records and updates for researchers to share. Send your information to:

If you know of a cemetery in the county that is not on our list, please let us know.

Asbury Cemetery 335744N, 0885440W
Bluff Springs Cemetery 340141N, 0885537W
Buena Vista Cemetery 335305N, 0885022W
Chickasaw Memorial Gardens 335223N, 0885745W
Coleville Cemetery Unknown
Concord Cemetery 335500N, 0885750W
East County Line Cemetery 340359N, 0890030W
Friendship Cemetery 334537N, 0890448W
Gibbs Cemetery 335328N, 0885442W
Halsey Cemetery 340403N, 0885547W
Holladay Cemetery 340420N, 0890015W
Hughes Cemetery 334730N, 0885612W
Lake Cemetery 335444N, 0885250W
Macedonia Cemetery 335143N, 0884929W
Macedonia Cemetery 335147N, 0885518W
McKinnon Cemetery 335610N, 0885304W
Memory Gardens 340148N, 0884505W
Midway Cemetery 334932N, 0890811W
Morgan Cemetery 335518N, 0885416W
Mount Moriah Cemetery 335912N, 0885029W
Neal Cemetery 335509N, 0885508W
New Hope Cemetery 334542N, 0890228W
New Hope Cemetery 335025N, 0885244W
Oak Grove Cemetery 334609N, 0885755W
Old Pleasant Grove Cemetery 334652N, 0890844W
Pask Cemetery 335630N, 0885424W
Patterson Cemetery 334854N, 0884411W
Pleasant Grove Cemetery 334628N, 0890809W
Pleasant Plain Cemetery 334844N, 0884733W
Pulliam Cemetery 335246N, 0884950W
Reid Cemetery 335915N, 0885936W
Rose Hill Cemetery 340156N, 0885946W
Ross Hill Cemetery 335850N, 0885700W
Snow Cemetery 335327N, 0884614W
Soul Chapel Cemetery 334955N, 0884819W
Thornton Cemetery 335211N, 0884930W
Weaver Cemetery 335036N, 0890001W
Williams Cemetery 335732N, 0885837W
Woodland Cemetery 334621N, 0890212W
Zion Spring Cemetery 335111N, 0884501W